Tungsten Bullet Weights

Tungsten Worm Weights Picture

Tungsten worm weights also called tungsten bullet weights are widely used because of the high mass while small volume,which owing to the main composition,tungsten .

Tungsten bullet weights,just as the name implies,are one type of fishing weights with bullet shape,which resulting in better penetration power.Tungsten,with the high density,about 20 percent higher than lead,is highly appreciated by fishermen.Moreover,tungsten bullet weights are environment friendly,so they are good alternative to lead weights which labeled as hazard to the environment.

Chinatungsten Online offers a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors, so you will have every situation covered while targeting those big Bass. It is available many colors, black, green and red, etc.. Whether you need a slow presentation on cold days or after a front has past or you are punching through mats in the middle of the summer, tungsten bullet weights have you and your fish covered. 

tungsten bullet weight
Non-Paint Tungsten Bullet Weight
tungsten bullet weight colored tungsten bullet weights
Colored Tungsten Bullet Weight